Our story starts with the mission to end homelessness and support people living in temporary accomodation.

Our Mission

We are the social enterprise that empowers people who are experiencing homelessness to pivot their lives through making and enterprise. Our mission is to bring purpose, meaning and flexible employment to those who might otherwise not have access to it, and in doing so giving them the confidence and skills they need to take steps away from temporary accommodation.


About our materials

We work with resposible brass, recycled silver and zero-waste acetate but over the coming years we hope to phase out all materials which are not 100% recycled. We’re also really keen to push ourselves to create better, more sustainable products so we can make greater headway towards being holistically socially responsible through sustainability and ethical employment.

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Our 12 Week Programme

We provide unique creative training programmes for those living in UK hostels. 

Co-created alongside temporary accommodation providers, our pivotal programmes are tailored to improve the experience of those living in temporary accommodation through re-engagement, an increased sense of self-worth and ultimately higher move-on rates from hostels. We do this through taking our Makers through the process of design, marketing and selling jewellery. 

It is our ambition to re-frame hostels from dead-end situations to places of momentum, creativity and opportunity.

  • Financial Support

  • 1-1 Life Coaching

  • Design + Marketing

  • Confidence + Community

  • Support our Makers

  • Ethically made

  • Sustainable packaging

  • Free shipping