Week Zero: Getting Started

Week Zero: Getting Started

Have you ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes on our life-changing jewellery making programmes?

Strap in as we take you through our 12 week programme week by week and share some insights and lessons learned along the way…


Taster session

With our table set-up in the canteen of the north London hostel, residents came through the doors to try their hand at jewellery making. The potential candidates were introduced to sanding, filing and how to use and understand acetate - a material that we receive the off-cuts of from glasses-maker, Cubitts.

Two days later with a page-full of sign-ups, we chatted with various hostel residents interested in what the programme had to offer…

Interviewing Potential Participants

Finding the right folks to join the programme is not as easy as you might think! We’re not looking for talent or previous experience, but what we do want is some serious enthusiasm, a bit of creative playfulness and people dedicate themselves to a challenge for the next 12 weeks!

One of the greatest parts of these interviews was getting to know our potential participants. CJ and Grace stood out as the most pumped about joining our programme, and their enthusiasm was infectious. Everyone shared the barriers they have faced in previous training and employment, which gave us valuable insights to tailor our support as best we can.

We filled each of the potential participants in on how we structure our programme, including timetable milestones, homework, expectations and how often we expect to have 1-to-1 check-ins.

From seven interviews, we had to choose six participants for our programme.

A Few Bumps Along the Way

Of course, not everything went off without a hitch. We encountered a few challenges:

  • Communication Hiccups: Some residents had trouble understanding a few of the posed interview questions. Lesson learned – we'll keep the language much clearer for next time!
  • Prepping in Advance: Sending interview questions ahead of time seems like a smart move as it gives potential participants the chance to prepare well-thought-out answers.
  • Clarifying Expectations: A little chat with the hostel staff before the interviews would've saved some of the confusion we experienced! We'll be sure to do that next time.


In a Nutshell

Choosing the right participants, understanding their needs, and having a solid timetable is like hitting the trifecta for programme success.

Our recent interviews were eye-opening and taught us some valuable lessons about clear communication, prepping in advance, and keeping everyone on the same page. 

We're so excited about the programme ahead, and we're confident that these lessons will help our participants overcome any challenges they may face in training and employment.

We couldn’t do this without the generous funding and continuous support from the Goldsmiths’ Centre & the Goldsmiths’ Company Charity - a massive thank you to them!


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