Week 8: Integrate Facilitate

Week 8: Integrate Facilitate

This week’s session was led by our Lead Maker, Jason, who guided the group on how to facilitate their very own jewellery making session and finish their brass jewellery collection!

We delved into the intricacies of how to plan a jewellery workshop as the week ahead is planned for the programme participants to facilitate a 2 hour session with members and friends of the Goldsmiths’ Centre. We did this all whilst ensuring participants understood the session's structure and the roles that everyone would play. This foundational knowledge set the stage for an interactive and engaging session.

Mastering Public Speaking

A crucial aspect of our day involved honing public speaking skills. Participants learned how to project their voices, structure impactful introductions, and communicate clearly and effectively. The goal was to instil confidence in each speaker, making their future workshop compelling, interesting and informative.

Brass Mastery

Jason led the cohort through finalising their brass jewellery collection. Participants put the finishing touches on their creations, perfecting polishing techniques and assembling their unique pieces.

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