Week 6: Motivation and Creation

Week 6: Motivation and Creation

In our recent session, we embarked on a transformative journey that aimed to enrich our knowledge and motivation. From the outset, our desired outcomes were clear: to learn, grow, and create. These objectives were shared with the participants at the beginning of the session, setting the tone for our exploration.

The How’s and the Why’s

Vida Carmel was back this week to lead the cohort’s 2nd group coaching session. Our focus was on understanding what motivated everyone individually to join the programme and how they kept the motivation going, diving deep into the 'whys' and 'hows' and exploring the driving forces behind everyone’s commitment. 

Vida led the group through an arm-spinning exercise that offered a unique perspective on how far outlooks and expectations can shift. Spinning the arm around once, making a note of where it lands. Bringing it back to centre. Then, imagining in your head spinning the arm around and it landing further, then bringing it back to centre. And physically doing it again and realising how much further your body allows you to once you’ve shifted your perspective!

We went through an exercise that focussed our energy on what project everyone was trying to achieve (Pivot programme included!) and explored in pairs the following:

  • Why - purpose
  • Who - identity
  • Why - values
  • How - skills
  • What - actions
  • Where - environment

Raw Materials

The raw brass finally arrives! The cohort got stuck into making their own designed collection and learning a lot of making lessons along the way. They got to grips with sanding and filing and leaning into different techniques to acquire different finishes. All the jewellery learning taught by our Lead Maker, Jason (as below!)

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