Week 3: A Collection is Born

Week 3: A Collection is Born

Week 3

The aim for today? Design a jewellery collection! How you ask? Well…

Without a Trace

The session was led this week by Sabella and Alice and the session started by tracing over printed photographs that the participants had taken the previous week, finding and forming shapes from objects and the in-between spaces that would soon come to life in our collection.

Heads down in full concentration, the participants traced in quiet concentration (with some light jazz playing in the background!)

Over the lunch break, Alice uploaded the traced shapes and forms onto her laptop and printed them out with our special Cricut machine - which cuts out intricate shapes straight out of paper and card. The participants ooh’d and ahh’d, never having seen such a machine!

Exploring the edges

On our return from lunch and a break (and a hailstorm?!), we gathered together around the table for quick fire rounds to get everyone’s creative juices flowing - laying the foundation for this cohort’s jewellery collection.

Finally as a group, we came together to make the crucial decision of selecting five pieces for our jewellery collection. Two earrings, two pendants and a festive bauble were chosen, each representing a unique aspect of the individuals, the group, and their unique sense of home.

Brass Beginnings

Jason Thompson, Pivot’s lead Maker guided the group through the steps of working with brass for the first time. They worked on filing and sanding Pivot bookmarks to get a feel for the metal and what tools and equipment needed to be used when and where. 

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