Week 10 - Mission Facilitation (we had a half term week!)

Week 10 - Mission Facilitation (we had a half term week!)

Our goal for today? Facilitate a full jewellery making workshop at The Goldsmiths’ Centre!

Setting the Tone

We travelled together from the hostel, picked up some lunch. On arriving at The Goldsmiths’ Centre, we ensured that we did our session opening ritual of grounding. Breathing in, holding, and breathing out for longer. Body scanning, checking in with ourselves, and allowing our bodies to be held by the chairs we were sitting in.

We then launched into setting up the space: putting all of the necessary equipment and tools out at each desk space, assigning an area for hot water (essential for changing the shape of the acetate), and ensuring that all the health and safety forms and feedback forms were allocated to each seat.

Once the space was set-up, Jason and Sabella went through some of the previous confidence building exercises and grounding techniques that we covered throughout the programme so far.

Ideal Introductions

One by one, members of The Goldsmiths’ Centre, jewellers, and journalists filed into the room. In no time, the room filled with excitable anticipation. The cohort stood confidently at the front of the room, and started off their introductions.

As the makers introduced themselves to a crowded room, attendees engaged enthusiastically and mirrored the introductions back. The room now knowing each other, everyone took their seats.

Zero-Waste Making

Choosing acetate colours and styles, the attendees launched in. The programme makers started making their way around the room and sitting with individuals, checking-in to see how their jewellery was coming along, and supporting them in the various stages of filing, sanding manipulating the acetate with hot water and applying fixings.

For two hours, happy murmurs and joyful exclamations filled the room. 

Every attendee made a pair of zero-waste, upcycled acetate earrings to take home with them. Memories made, they filed out as they finished their pieces.

It’s All in the Feedback

Once the cohort finished packing and tidying the space up, we sat down, did some grounding breaths together, and went through the feedback that the participants shared via their forms:

“A really fun workshop with great people and I’m happy with my end product”

  • “An overall wholesome and enjoyable session. Thanks to the guys who ran the session.”

  • “A wholesome afternoon. The Pivot team were a joy to learn from. Thank you.”

  • “I really liked everything! People were nice and helped me with the creation of earrings.”

  • “An amazing experience! Thank you so much.”
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