A spotlight on our sustainable silver collection

A spotlight on our sustainable silver collection

Early Days

When we started Pivot, it made sense to make jewellery with inexpensive materials. Pivot was started as a pilot with the focus very much being on employment opportunities in hostels, than about the jewellery as a product to sell. Another reason, truth be told, was regarding funding. With very little cash in the bank, we had to be realistic about what we could afford. 

A change in priorities

Since the pandemic, the world has undoubtedly changed and so have people’s priorities. In those early days, we saw a real push towards buying locally and ethically, but not necessarily sustainably. We saw early traction in our products - especially our “hugs soon” bookmark which resonated with so many people during the pandemic. For those who don’t know - we created our bookmark (in the shape of a hug) so that people could send hugs to each other over multiple lockdowns. It proved really popular and was acquired by the Museum of London as part of their Covid Collection. 

The bookmark proved to us that: 

  1. a) people wanted to shop with us (even though we were tiny and young)
  2. b) people were really invested and interested in our social mission 

However, since those early days people have really started to care more deeply about what their jewellery is made from and the impact its manufacture has had on the planet. 

Until the launch of this new recycled silver collection, we continued to work with brass, stainless steel and upcycled acetate but over the coming years, we hope to phase out all materials which are not 100% recycled. We’re also really keen to push ourselves to create better, more sustainable products, so we can make greater headway towards being holistically socially responsible through sustainability and ethical employment. 

Our Customers

Though our priority is always our Makers, our customers matter hugely to us. You are the people who support what we do and we have been tuning into our work. We have spent a lot of time at in-person markets and so have the privilege of meeting our customers face-to-face and one-to-one. So many of those conversations go beyond the social mission of supporting people experiencing homelessness, but also delve into conversations about materiality, transparent supply chains and sustainability. 

We are so excited and invested about moving into better realms of sustainability so that we can truly have as much social impact as we can for both people and the planet. 

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